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About me

Hi, my name is Gudlaug and I am an artist and illustrator from Iceland. 

I am very much a nature lover. I am fortunate to live in a place where beautiful nature surrounds me and I take much inspiration from that. Nature inspires my work in so many different ways. Sometimes the inspiration is obvious like a landscape painting or a floral illustration but other times it's more subtle like the choice of colors or materials I use. 


I mostly work with watercolors and gouache. I love how freely watercolors flow on the paper and to blend the perfect colors with gouache.

When I use these two mediums together they make the perfect couple. 

I make landscape paintings, abstract paintings, illustrations, patterns and just anything that inspiration brings me to.


My process



My favorite thing about painting is color. I love color theory and by knowing how color works it allows me to blend the perfect color for every project. 

I have so many different colors in my palette but mostly I work with a limited color palette of just 3-6 carefully selected colors. 

I find that working this way helps my work look cohesive.

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